Structured Financing

Structured financing is another core competency of PFI. In project financing the credit allocations are not only based on the financial soundness of the project sponsor but also on the expected profitability of the particular project, which can be summarized under the “Cash-flow-related Lending“.

Structured financing schemes are usually applied in infrastructure projects, power stations and other large industrial undertakings. The various project risks are shared and after careful analysis appropriately distributed amongst all project participants.  Project financing models in  “Public Private Partnership“ (PPP) models ease the financial burdens of public treasuries and are increasingly applied also in “„Emerging Markets“ and are promoted and supported by the international development finance institutions.

After a general due diligence test of financial, commercial, and economic pre-feasibility before further pursuing the project, optimal financing schemes are worked out and analyzed.

The PFI-team of experts is preparing such “Financial Due Diligence“ as well as the „Financial Model“ as basis fort he discussions with the international donors and equity partners.

PFI assists her clients in the assessment of the specific country and project risks.

PFI offers to carry out contract management and „Contracting Services“in connection with project development with structured financing, when country-specific legal conditions have to be complied with.

  • In-country Project formulation and conceptualization
  • Identification and evaluation of local partners
  • Involvement of international partners and equity partners
  • Consideration of country and cultural particularities
  • Ensuring continuous communication amongst and with all participants
  • Project-specific dialogue with local organizations, institutions and other stake holders.

PFI guides the participating companies throughout the total process of transaction and supports you in your efforts to establish your interests as equity partner and project sponsor.