PFI Core Team and Pool of Experts

Dr. Joachim Richter

PFI-Senior Partner

with 25 years of industry know-how; worked many years in the whole context of development assistance, Project financing with development banks and political involvement

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Dr. Martin Schmucker

Doctor of Economics

Studies in Economy at Freiburg University
Since 2010: consultancy projects i.e. for Zimmermann & Partner (Munich), Kiel Industrial Services AG (Wesseling), Thyssengas (Dortmund), Gazprom


Helmut Rimmler

Helmut Rimmler looks back at many years of experience in project and export finance, both in industries (ABB, RWE) and banking. Until lately he was responsible for origination and relationship with Clients in Asia within BayernLB as „Director – Senior Regional Manager Asia“