Development Banks

In their project activities the development finance institutions all follow their standard procedures. They have taken efforts to harmonize those and are thus now quite similar.

The project evaluation and approval approach follow strict and sometimes complex rules and regulations. The “Project Cycle” is split into various steps that imbed quite a number of hurdles for which external expert advice could be crucial.

In the Identification Phase detailed country and sector analyses are being carried out. These documents are generally made available to the public in respective web-site of the various donors. The strategy papers allow considerable insight into the actual and the donor perceptions of the recipient countries and the respective market segment. Comparing the sector and strategy analyses of the various donors in specific countries also provide further insight into the country and sector situations, that might be helpful for one own strategy.

During Project-identification sector-specific and socio-economic targets or constraints are being established. The continuous update of the “Project Information Documents“ contain highly valuable information for interested firms.


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External Consulting gives more flexibility to businesses. There is on need to educate expensive in-house specialists. PFI saves you time and money you would waste with a difficult learning process: While the PFI experts make up the details of financial engineering you can concentrate on your main business!