Export Financing

Financing without hedging through Government-owned export guarantee-agencies is the exception rather than the rule in today’s international financing business, since without such guarantees many projects, particularly those in high-risk countries would not be undertaken.

PFI will purposefully guide her client  through the “jungle“of HERMES/ECA – rules and regulations.

“Cash is King“: Availability of extra liquidity by selling receivables from foreign clients to a specialized bank  This should be set in place before closing a contracts and have this included in  business contracts.

Depending on the type of project non-recourse export financing could be an ideal solution for a reduced financing scheme.

PFI offers all the necessary assistance in optimizing and selecting guarantees and letter of credits and related securing.

In detail, PFI offers:

  • Analyzing the risk of your overseas projects and reviewing their chances for financing
  • Selection of the appropriate financing and securing option; proper structuring of the financing plan
  • Support in designing of payment conditions and other needs-based contractual agreements
  • Support in the negotiations with  HERMES/ECAs and banks
  • Supervision of financing related project implementation (HERMES-application, declarations of commitments, Exporter guarantee, letter of credits, general guarantees etc.)